Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thank you Santa for snow!!!

This morning we had snow on the ground. Some might call it frost, but Amelia calls it snow. She forced us all out at 7:30 in the morning to build snowmen and go sledding. As you can see, we were limited to snow angels. Or rather, mush angels. It was definitely worth it, because right when we were heading inside I caught her lifting her head and arms to the sky and saying, "thank you santa! I love to see this snow!"

These are the girls' snow angels

And lastly, the girls were trying to do what Amelia calls "breathe my breath" (Blowing warm air into the cold outside air so you can see your breath) They did it right in eachother's no avail.

Mary, thanks for the purple snow suit!!!


  1. Who knew Santa made deliveries on Valentine's day too!? We should have left him milk and cookies! Will you take a picture of your little house next? I still can't imagine where you live.

  2. I'm so happy right now.....a post from beth of cute nieces. Thank you. Glad they are happy with whatever snow is on the ground.