Monday, November 15, 2010

Glad to hear everyone's response to my poyem

Now, to introduce the anti-boredom remedy.....
I have been taking Zumba for about 3 months now, and was recently asked to teach/sub. (you can imagine how my vain self took the offer) Anyway, I'm getting certified on Jan 7th to teach Zumba. I'm really excited. Punjab told me I should do this 18 months ago. It took me a long time to realize she was inspired/smart. So, the good news is I will be in front of a mirror dancing (my personal dream fulfilled) while dozens of ladies are required to mimic my every move.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

uh oh. only 1 comment on the last post.....

I guess it's time to up the ante. Try to entertain the masses. Come up with that one, general yet clever, joke. Here goes:
   A Poem For the Wilsons: (poem pronounced 'poyem' in the traditional hurricane heritage way)

I'm one of seven. Seven clever children that have all made their print in the world

Sarah, it seems, is off doctoring ill. Fixing them up and sending their bill.
Adam, it seems, is planning everyone's lives. helping them move to mansions from dives.
Luke makes a buck from nothing at all, he's never been busy, please give him a call.
Marv's into plants and making them breed. It's not actually decent, but mouths it will feed.
Eli will 'make things' with tools and his brain. No one knows what it's called. It hasn't a name.
I, well, we'll get to me later. Let's just say now that I get greater and greater.
Leah does numbers and fails at things. Like big state playoffs and having men give her rings.

I took the 'road less traveled' and refused education. "I've a mind of my own and don't need a vocation"
I'll live off the land and raise children by dozens. We'll get by on the mercy of aunts/uncles/and cousins.
I will 'find myself' while they're all hard at work. I'll spend time smelling the roses and playing in dirt.
"they'll do 9 to 5's, we'll see where it gets 'em. In the meantime, I find, I'm bored to my whit's end."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the girls

These are Amelia singing and Jane trying graham crackers. Yesterday Amelia was wrapping Jane up in paper towels (imagine a baby mummy) I thought it was funny how they were playing together, but the real joy came when I realized Amelia was singing "we'll have you washed and dried; primed and polished til you glow with pride" to Jane. Yep the matchmaker song from Mulan. She was gussying Jane up for marriage. So cute.