Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hooray for our family! I love our family and we got to get together, well some of us, this week. Some out of towners came to Utah (Marvo and her limitless offspring) so Leah, Mom, and us Gubler girls went up north to meet up and stay at Great Grandma Ellis' house. It was so fun! I forgot my camera (Sorry punjab) but when we got back down to T-town (Toquerville, USA) I snapped some photos of the yang and gubler kids. Luke and Jana's bunch would've been here but we all had the stomach flu and Kate's birthday party was the next day... we figured we should quarantine ourselves and spare the Wilson family a vomiting party.

Here are the sickies enjoying some quality time with their favorite feature of the trip: Aunt Bev!!!

Here's Marv on one of her more lively moments. Wish she'd just relax sometime, she's so hard to keep down!!!!!! 

And some more of the cousins