Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is Amelia doing her favorite thing... dressing up. She loves to play with shoes and dress up clothes. She calls herself the 'princess'. Reminds me how my Dad used to call all little girls princesses. He must've taught her a thing or two before she came to us.

and here she is with her full body 'make up'.

Amelia doesn't like to be very far from her sister, Jane. Happily, Jane loves to be by Amelia. And that's
 despite the occasional rough housing she endures from her.

Sweet baby Jane. She has the  most wonderful disposition. It helps that she's adorable, too.

Amelia's first and last day of school. We decided to wait unit she was closer to 4. (All the kids in her class were 4)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Amelia's Party

Amelia's birthday party was a hawaiian luau. We had water games, a slip'n'slide, one hundred water balloons, cake, pinata, and lots of friends. This first pic was taken  right after we cracked open the pinata and the kids were all trying to get their share of treats. Joe too, apparently.
Amelia the birthday queen! She's three years old! She looks the part  for a hawaiian luau girl, doesn't she?
The super fun and super easy/cheap slip'n'slide. It got broken just a half hour into the party so we had our handy helper, JR, use the hose to keep it wet.
Some of the other attractions
Some of the decor

And finally, Jane, our main attraction. Thank you for posing, grandmas!