Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Amelia's Party

Amelia's birthday party was a hawaiian luau. We had water games, a slip'n'slide, one hundred water balloons, cake, pinata, and lots of friends. This first pic was taken  right after we cracked open the pinata and the kids were all trying to get their share of treats. Joe too, apparently.
Amelia the birthday queen! She's three years old! She looks the part  for a hawaiian luau girl, doesn't she?
The super fun and super easy/cheap slip'n'slide. It got broken just a half hour into the party so we had our handy helper, JR, use the hose to keep it wet.
Some of the other attractions
Some of the decor

And finally, Jane, our main attraction. Thank you for posing, grandmas!


  1. Looks like tons of fun. Sorry, we couldn't be there to celebrate, and sorry we didn't even call. I did remember, it just happened to be in the middle of moving. We'll smooch on her in September to make up for it.

  2. So cute! I love it when we get to see pictures of your kids.

  3. Rockin party! Can you throw one like that for my next b-day? I don't remember getting an invite..?

  4. Bev you really know how to throw a juvenile party. We have high expectations for the reunion! In fact, we might have to do a birthday bash at the reunion for Noah and Joe, right? Let me know if you need any help with that. I'd love to call and chat but my phone is missing (again!).