Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is Amelia doing her favorite thing... dressing up. She loves to play with shoes and dress up clothes. She calls herself the 'princess'. Reminds me how my Dad used to call all little girls princesses. He must've taught her a thing or two before she came to us.

and here she is with her full body 'make up'.

Amelia doesn't like to be very far from her sister, Jane. Happily, Jane loves to be by Amelia. And that's
 despite the occasional rough housing she endures from her.

Sweet baby Jane. She has the  most wonderful disposition. It helps that she's adorable, too.

Amelia's first and last day of school. We decided to wait unit she was closer to 4. (All the kids in her class were 4)


  1. Amelia has so much personality. I love it! She needs to go over and play with Meg, they'd get along great. It just might be a disaster for the person watching the 2 of them.

  2. I love Amelia! Especially her smile. I wish we could all be 3 years old forever. And Jane has changed so much since we saw her last/the last time you posted. She looks so happy on her tummy!

  3. What cute girls you make! Amelia is hilarious! When can they come and play at our house?

  4. such great pictures, such happy girls! Good job Beth!

  5. Jane gets mad on her tummy after awhile. Amelia wants to take somebodies hand and go outside to play the minute she comes to our house. She is really great.

  6. Oh my goodness!! Amelia is growing up!!! I still haven't seen Jane yet!!!