Friday, January 22, 2010

  1. I still haven't figure out how to switch this to a vertical setting
  2. I caved and put this up only because marv has delighted in calling me a whimp. Too vain/proud was more like it.
  3. That smug little look on my face was because I just finished doing some denise austin. something about that eccentric texas trainer makes me feel so great

Bubbles through the ages

Little Amelia occasionally gets to choose a toy from the dollar toys at walmart. her latest were these bubbles. I found those other pics of her almost a year ago doing the same thing. It made me think of that U2 song, "little girl with spanish eyes/(anglo saxon), my, how you've grown".

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

this is our little mino. She had the unfortunate experience of having me cut her bangs way too short. I was trying to teach her humility. I was going to post a pic of my pregnant tummy, but after a good 15 shots with little to no success, I decided women aren't meant to model when they're uterus is abnormally large. Anyway, I'm 29 weeks, really wishing I was 39. My dr said that I'm measuring in between 31 and 32 weeks, not that I'll deliver early, but that I'll probably be having a huge line-backer baby. Too bad she's a girl. Mino was only 8 lb 6 oz, but this one feels like an easy two to three times mino's size. Thank goodness for epidurals. (Sp?)

absolutely no rhyme or reason

I had to put that traditional, good looking pic of our family first so that it softens the blow of the alarming following pics. You can see where Joe gets his facial expressions from.