Saturday, March 26, 2011


So we've up and moved to LaVerkin. We are Gublers, so it had to be sooner or later. Although it's not permanent, we are definitely enjoying our time here. Joe has become much more social, taking walks and visiting his relations. I think being back in his 'stomping grounds' (as mother would say) has a friendly affect on him. The highlight of our move has been the petting zoo neighbor hood we live in. In under 15 minutes we can walk to a field of geese, (which are the orneriest animals I've ever seen) find horses and ponies of all different colors, countless chicken coops (our favorite is at Great Grandpa Gubler's) one boring black goat, and assorted cattle. Amelia tries to feed them all. Jane's birthday is today, and we had quite a nice time watching her make a mess of the cake and saying "hi" to the camera. I can't believe we've had her for a year. I feel so blessed to be her mom. She's one of those babies that everyone wishes they had, the cute, mild-mannered type. I'll try to put some pictures up, by 'try' I mean I'll probably just go to bed.