Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lazy Summer

This is a post from Joe.  I just wanted to put this picture on here cause I look so dang good.  No, I just wanted to try it out, you know posting on our blog.  This summer has been superb.  Part of me wishes we could say we went on vacation and had a bunch of fun doing this or that, but I am content to say that we have spent all summer together.  Just chilling at home and trying to get out of as many obligations as possible so that we can spend time together.  I love our little family.


  1. I think staying home and chillin' is the best. Nice post, Joe. And to whomever is responsible for the background change on your eyes say THANK YOU!! (The former green was very bright!!)

  2. Yes!! I LOVE the new background and set up!! LOOKS Awesome :)
    Now, all we need is more tunes and an auto shuffle on the songs ;)

    We haven't gone anywhere either, but it's ok... we went to the rec center with you guys a couple times :) LOL

    Love you guys!! And the first pic is a good fam pic

  3. We try as well to get out of as many obligations as possible. Beth- any good books read lately? and did you check out good reads?

  4. Okay Nac, I added a few more songs in hopes they aren't too annoying, and I turned on the shuffle. Keep giving me ideas but I can't guarantee I will use them.

  5. Nice post Joe. You do look nice in that pic. Beth do you get ready everyday? You always looks great. Jane really put on some pounds since I saw her last. When are you coming to visit?

  6. I thought I already commented on this post, but apparently not. Joe is cool on so many levels. Let's list a few:
    1. he married Bev
    2. he blogs when most of the bloggin world and we know it is rather feminine
    3. he writes in the most neat and small handwriting. is this a typical math teacher attribute?
    4. he's always reworking the budget and saving for that rainy day
    5. good genes: just look at Amelia and Jane. proof is in the pudding
    those are only the top 5. Maybe Bev could finish the list. we love you guys! Did you get the letter we sent?