Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This is Amelia and I getting ready to go teach Zumba. (It was 90's night) 

This is Amelia at Rob's pool. (Our favorite hang out) Amelia can really swim! We're loving it.
Amelia and her daddy. This was the morning of her 4th birthday!!1

It's hard to see, but Amelia is going off the lower diving board. She jumps in and Joe helps her get her breath, then she swims to the side!

Me and Mino

For her birthday, Amelia opted for Chinese. I was so proud. 

After dinner we went to ride the carousel 

Joe somehow get his and Jane's reflection on the top of the carousel

Taigyn, me, Amelia and Trisadee


  1. I LOVE your hair!! And amelia is SO STINKING CUTE!!! I'm coming home the end of August we NEED to get together!!

  2. I'm loving the hair too!! :) Your little family is adorable!

  3. Great update! Your girls are adorable! I love seeing you at Grandma's! Happy Birthday Mills! It looks like you had a great time celebrating! I love the 90's look! I remember Jess dressing like that for kindergarten!

  4. Thanks for the post, Beth. I can't believe Mino is 4!! Mils and Noah would have a blast swimming together.

  5. yeah, they seem to be quite similar when it comes to swimming/trying to drown

  6. Good post. BTW, I recently discovered journaling (which may include blogging) reduces fat from chronic-stress. It's a lose/win situation. ;)