Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tons of Pictures- Hooray!

Thanks to Aunt Erika for the cool blankets. I see where Amanda got her genes. (That hat she made was so cool)  Today has been a little better for Amelia. Janalee is awesome and calls frequently asking if she can come tend Amelia to give me a break... what a sister in law! So Amelia is with kate and I'm sure they're having a riot and jana is following them around cleaning things up.


  1. Gold star for Jana, that's so great! I especially enjoy your new header picture. And I like your red and white pillows, what great style you have!

  2. Speaking of good sister in laws, Janacy just stopped by and gave me one of those nursing covers. Thoughtful. I really need to up it a notch.....

  3. You're a great sis too!

    The daddy with baby sleeping pics are always So cute!

  4. In the sleeping picture Jane looks just like her dad, but in other pictures she looks like you! What do you think? Does she look like both of you or what?