Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Amelia's Babysitter....

So Joe and I bought a playset for Amelia about three weeks before Jane was born. It took him a long time to set it up, and has been overheard saying that "they should pay you to take these things off their hands and put them together...." But now that it's erected Amelia has had a nice time having something to go and do outside, especially if mom is busy with the baby. See figure 1.


  1. So jealous, that thing looks AWESOME!! I was just thinking about formatting a post about why my girls need a yard. Glad to see you've got things under control. Go Beth go!

  2. Nice job Joe! It looks like the perfect play place for Mills!

  3. Especially with the hose going; a playset mixed with water, what more could Amelia ask for.