Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

Jane was very excited. This is her second costume of the day. She rotated a between being a princess and a ballerina. Thanks to Charlotte for donating!

For Punjab: I called this the third position. I have no idea if it's correct.

Jane explaining the rules of trick or treating to Amelia. She's very much the boss at our house.

Crazy kids

I told Amelia to make a monkey face and this is what she came up with. 

My two babies. Notice how the height difference is diminishing? Amelia has Gubler genes and Jane has Wilson genes. 


  1. Wow! Jane suddenly looks like a teenager. Is she wearing make-up? I love those two girls. Will you video them next? I really miss their personalities! And because I respect your parenting, tell me, do you ration Halloween candy or let them binge? Lionel has opened almost every piece, licked it then discarded the sticky stuff. I don't know how to teach delayed gratification and tomorrow he'll be mad that all his candy is in the garbage while Charlotte and Freddie have reserved staches. Wondering what is the fate of candy in the Gubler house.

  2. I use mom's rule. They eat 1 piece of fruit for every couple of candies. I know I kind of sound like a nazi. I just want them to put good things into their little bodies. Sometimes I let them eat a lot of sugar and crap, but not that often. I love Lionel's way of eating candy. He's so smart

  3. Cute! Yep, that's all I have to say

  4. I miss these kiddos!!

    We let the girls pick out 5 pieces and are going to take our huge bags left to the dentist and get money for Dollar Store toys ;)

  5. Not third position, but who cares when you have a ballerina that cute. Mils is an adorable monkey as well. We let the kids eat whatever they wanted on Halloween night and a little the next day. Luckily they don't binge too much before not wanting anymore. The rest of the candy is now in the freezer for "rewards".

  6. The things these girls love to eat is Happy Meals from McDonalds. They don't really like candy.