Sunday, October 13, 2013

Goodness gracious I've posted again.

This is a picture of our little (not so little anymore) six year old. She just barely lost her first tooth. It was so loose that inhaling and exhaling made it move. 

I snapped a pic of myself with the celebrity and I'm not sure why she's doing a peace sign.

You can see that the permanent tooth was already up. She had two rows of teeth for awhile.... like a shark.

Other recent happenings: Jane has been saying "hallelujiah Ballelujiah: about 1,000 times per day. She says it with her eyes closed and while she's dancing around. I asked her what it means recently and she said "it means dancing". She's the most original/weird kid ever. Joe and I are still boring in comparison with the kids.


  1. The annual Gubler post! We think Amelia's new tooth looks great! Charlotte wishes you would have taken a picture when she had shark teeth in rows. Is "purfully" still part of Jane's vocab? Hallelujah for pictures!

  2. Yeah Amelia! Did you catch the tooth fairy? You girls are beautiful! BTW, hope you had a great birthday today, Beth.