Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Hauntings


team amelia and mom

team dad and jane

Amelia and Mom's pumpkin

jane ready to go trick or treating. The gloves make her fingers look unnaturally long

Amelia the monkey

And not to ruin it for next year... but all costumes were 50% off so we got stocked up. Jane is plum pudding from strawberry shortcake and Amelia is a devil, but if  you ask her she'll refer to herself as the 'girl vampire'. She'll be wearing a shirt underneath this little number so it doesn't look like lingerie :)


  1. Cute! Smart move getting costumes for next year!

  2. LOVE it! I was thinking the exact thought: Jane's hands looked exceptionally large with those gloves on, then I kept reading and you mentioned it. Great minds think alike, right?! Cute costumes for next year too. Now you don't have to post next year. Just kidding, you HAVE to post next year. Better yet, post 365 more times before next Halloween.

  3. Beth is always thinking ahead --way ahead. Love you, girl.