Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kindergarten? Really?

This little treasure is going to enter into the big world of elementary school next week. Heaven help us. Heaven help the elementary school. I LOVE THIS CHILD. She is so wonderful. So strange. So Huck Finn/Dennis-the-Menace/Scout(to kill a mockingbird). I'm going to miss her every morning. Thank goodness she's only doing half days. Got to break me in slowly to this business.


  1. Crazy. I can't believe our kids are school age now. I bet she is excited. Noah is, but also a little nervous. Good luck, Amelia, you'll be a cute, smart kindergartner.

  2. She's adorable and hilarious. So fun that we've both got new kindergarteners (or "kindie's" as Sophie's school call them) now! Wish we lived closer to do play dates, I think our girls would get along well.