Saturday, April 21, 2012

You'd better believe it, two posts within 1 week. Woot Woot!

Jane eating a HUGE ice cream cone

I couldn't believe how big these things were, we got them up in Springdale

Amelia is very interested in our neighbors pigs. Luckily our neighbors are way nice and let us come and play with their animals anytime we want

Jane trying to ride the pig, she wanted to so badly but it kept running out from under us.

The family room. Way cool fireplace, nice windows, great lighting... we love it in here. 

Coming in from the garage. This is our mud room

The girls bedroom. The door on the left is their closet, the next door is out to the hallway, the third door leads to the jack and jill bathroom

Kid's bathroom, you can see through to the other bedroom that we use as a playroom

Front... Isn't it beautiful? We're so LUCKY. It's real sandstone around the door and window, so cool up close

Joe fixing our sprinklers, he just farted on me and it's so gross!

view from the back porch

back of the house

I'll send pics of the master bed and bath soon. 
Adam: that picture of the front of the house shows an empty semi-circle flower bed. It's a huge space. I was thinking strawberry plants. Your thoughts?


  1. So nice! I think you should blog every week!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love the house, and we are so excited for you guys. Keep posting. We love to see what you're up to and all the house fun.

  3. Not srawberries. You always copy Rob. Try gaura or some cool grasses. Some yellow daisy bushes would draw the eye away from that unsightly sandstone porch, and the drab color-scheme of your new place.

  4. I agree with Adam, something big and bushy there would look great. Lavender bushes or autumn sage would look awesome. Great house! What part of T-ville did you move to?

  5. Beverly... Gus says you can come play as long as you promise to capture one of the chickens for him. If you can't help him in that situation you are of no use to him and consider yourself not a es (friend). If you are willing to capture one of the creepy footed creatures then you may come by anytime!!!