Monday, February 23, 2009

Her first punch

Here you go, Lee. This is when Kate was 4 months and Mills was 2. I think you  can see who has the 'aggressive gene'.  It's amazing to see the simple difference in mass between these two babies. Kate could eat mills, easy. 


  1. Punj, I want you to know the pains I had to undertake to get this pic on my blog. I have really come leaps and bounds from the poor technologically thwarted girl you once knew. This came from my cell phone. Don't ask me how, but it's now on the world wide web.

  2. Here I am! Thanks for sending me your blog address. Now I can start downloading pictures of Mills. do you own a camera?

  3. Bev. If only we would have known then the "half-n-half" hair Mills was going to develop. We would have easy put her on a diet. I forgot you have this blog. I'll start checking it.